I am registered as a translator with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under number 34349515.

All-in rate

I charge an all-in-rate per word plus 21% VAT. The total fee is based on a digital word count of the source text, discounting any passages that do not require translation.

For this all-in rate I deliver a print-ready translation. This includes a critical reading of the translation by the British editor Sue Hart, and the resolution of any points raised by the author or client on delivery. Captions and notes are charged at the same all-in rate as running text. For copywriting, poetry and proofreading special terms – usually an hourly rate - are agreed with the client.


For each translation a delivery date is agreed with the client. I strive to deliver a translation that is to the satisfaction of the author or client. Careful translation and the final copy edit by an external editor take time, however, as does the resolution of comments by the author. This makes it necessary to agree a realistic deadline.


Unless otherwise agreed, you will be invoiced on delivery of the final version of the translation. Prompt payment is highly appreciated.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like a quotation.