This page provides an overview and details of all my translations. Most of these are books, although in earlier years magazine articles and festival programmes formed a large part of my work. Where I was one of several translators, this is indicated.

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Gijs van der Ham, Clara the Rhinoceros, 2022
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Siebe Swart, Laura Prins, Hans Steketee, Suzanne Veldink, Time and Tide Wait for No Man: Seascapes, 2021
Komma No Ordinary Publisher, The Hague / Serious Matters, The Hague

Sara van Dijk et al., Remember Me, 2021
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Hans Kamstra, Michel Hoekstra, Elsewhere, 2021
M. Hoekstra, Amstelveen

Nico Oud, Dick de Bruijn, Caroline van der Vegt, Werken 2001-2015, 2019
99 Uitgevers/Publishers, Haarlem

Claartje Wesselink, ‘Memory is the Only Paradise’: Photographs from a Jewish Family Archive, 2019
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Mattie Boom, Everyone a Photographer: The Rise of Amateur Photography in the Netherlands 1880-1940, 2019
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Jerzy Gawronski, Peter Kranendonk, Stuff: Catalogue Archaeological Finds from Amsterdam’s North/South Metro Line, 2018
Van Zoetendaal/De Harmonie Publishers, Amsterdam

Els Kerremans, Jacqueline van Paaschen-Louwerse, The Flood: The Flood of 1953 Documented in Photographs, 2018
Uitgeverij KOMMA, The Hague

Joke de Wolf, Le Nouveau Paris: Charles Marville Photographs the City Transformation, 2018
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Mattie Boom, Hans Rooseboom, New Realities, 2017
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Rixt A. Bosma, Document Nederland, 2017
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Hinde Haest, Mattie Boom, 1/100 Dutch Photographic Publications from the Wingender Collection, 2017
Komma, The Hague

Willem van Zoetendaal, Spring Tide, 2017
Van Zoetendaal Publishers, Amsterdam

Willem van Zoetendaal, Breitner: Cracks in the City, 2016
Van Zoetendaal Publishers, Amsterdam

Nicky van Banning, Man Ray’s Portrait of Peggy Guggenheim, 2016
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Saskia Asser, Michel Hoekstra, Freezing the World: Photographs and Other Works, 2016
Neverenoughbeauty Editions, Amstelveen

Nicky van Banning, Arnold Genthe: Pioneer of Dance Photography, 2016
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Harm Stevens, Bitter Spice: Indonesia and the Netherlands from 1600, 2016
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam / Vantilt Publishers, Nijmegen

Mattie Boom, Hans Rooseboom, Modern Times, 2014
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Mattie Boom, The First Photograph from Suriname: A Portrait of the Nineteenth-century Elite in the West Indies, 2014
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Laura Roscam Abbing, Colour in the Home: Autochromes by Jacob Olie Jr, 2013
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Hinde Haest, Between Ad and Allegory: Marketing Portraits of Gerard Reve, 2013
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Hans Rooseboom, Électricité: Ten Advertising Photographs by Man Ray, 2013
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Tamara Berghmans, Looking for Love on the Left Bank, 2012
Aman Iman Publishing

Rixt A. Bosma, Photography Meets Film: Capa, Ivens and Fernhout in China, 1938, 2011
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Frans van Burkom, Gerard Fieret (1924-2009), 2010
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Chantal Pontbriand et al, Mutations: Perspectives on Photography, 2011
Steidl, Göttingen / Puteaux Cedex / Reed Expositions France - Paris Photo

Anneke van Veen, The First Photographs of Amsterdam 1845-1875, 2010
Thoth, Amsterdam

Tamara Berghmans, The Making of a Photobook: Sanne Sannes' Maquette for Diary of an Erotomaniac, 2009
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Frits Gierstberg, Oscar van Alphen, 2008
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Adi Martis, Rik Suermondt, Paul de Nooijer, 2007
Focus Publishing B.V., Haarlem

Flip Bool et al. (eds), Dutch Eyes: A Critical History of Photography in the Netherlands, 2007
Uitgeverij Waanders B.V., Zwolle

Sjaak Hoogendoorn, Olaf Klijn, The Many Faces of Waterland, 2007
Waterland Photo Gallery, Broek-in-Waterland

Sabine Plamper, Figures: Staged Photography, 2006
Focus Publishing B.V., Haarlem

Anneke van Veen, Bernard F. Eilers (1878-1951), 2003
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Flip Bool, Sandra Felten, Willem Frederik Hermans, Nico Jesse (1911-1976), 2003
Focus Media Groep, Amsterdam

Hans Rooseboom, Mattie Boom, Still Lifes and Portraits: Photographs from the Manfred Heiting Collection, 2001
Waanders Uitgeverij, Zwolle

Anneke van Veen, Jacob Olie Jbz (1934-1905), 2000
Focus Publishing B,V., Amsterdam

Chandra van Binnendijk, Paul Faber, Visual Art in Suriname, 2000
KIT Publishers, Amsterdam

Willem Diepraam, Eva Besnyö, 1999
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Mattie Boom, Eduard Isaac Asser (1809-1894), 1999
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Jean-Claude Lemagny, Theo IJzermans, Michel Szulc-Kryzanowski, VISTA, 1998
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Flip Bool, Paul Citroen (1896-1983), 1998
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

H.J.A. Hofland, Elke Susannah Reed, Leonard Freed: Amsterdam in the Sixties, 1997
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Solange de Boer, Maarten Kloos, Jan Versnel, 1997
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Kees Broos, Piet Zwart (1885-1977), 1996
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Flip Bool, Veronica Hekking, Oscar van der Wijk (eds), Erich Salomon, Photos 1933-1940 / Peter Hunter, Photos 1935-1940, 1996
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Koos van Brakel, David van Duuren, Itie van Hout, A Passion for Indonesian Art: The Georg Tillmann Collection at the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, 1996
KIT Publishers, Amsterdam

Harrie Leyten (ed.), Illicit Traffic in Cultural Property: Museums against Pillage, 1995
Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam / Musée Nationale de Mali, Bamako

Frits de Ridder, Life over Death, 1995
Stichting AIDS Fonds, Amsterdam

Mariette Haveman, Annette Prins, Work: The Randstad Collection of Photographs, 1995
Randstad Holding, Amsterdam

Hripsimé Visser, Flip Bool, Emmy Andriesse (1914-1953), 1995
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Erwin Olaf, Mind of their Own, 1995
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Bart Lootsma, Gert Staal, Christine de Baan (eds), Mentalitäten: Niederländisches Design 1993-1995, 1995
Spinhex, Amsterdam

Chandra van Binnendijk, Paul Faber, Twenty Years of Visual Art in Suriname 1975-1995, 1995
Stichting Surinaams Museum, Paramaribo / KIT Publishers, Amsterdam / Museum voor Volkenkunde, Rotterdam

Carel van Hees, Mischa Cohen, Resistance: Living with AIDS, 1995
Stichting AIDS Fonds, Amsterdam

Communication Department, Hester Foppinga, Frank Vos, Museum Guide: Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, 1995
Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

Ben van Wissen (ed.), Dodo: Raphus cucullatus (Didus ineptus), 1995
ISP / Zoölogisch Museum-Universiteit van Amsterdam

A Hundred Young Dutch Painters: Living Art Guide, 1994, 1994
Living Art Publishers, Amsterdam

Machiel Botman, Heartbeat, 1994
Volute, Haarlem

Sinar Surya: Solar Energy in Indonesia, 1994
KIT Publishing, Amsterdam

Bernard Colenbrander (ed.), Style: Standard and Signature in Dutch Architecture, 1993
NAi, Rotterdam

Ria Lavrijsen (ed.), Cultural Diversity in the Arts: Art, Art Policies and the Facelift of Europe, 1993
KIT Publishers, Amsterdam

Erwin Olaf, Peter Weiermair, Dirk Van der Spek, Joy, 1993
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Anneke van Veen, Pieter Oosterhuis (1816-1885), 1993
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Pauline Terreehorst, Tineke de Ruiter, Koen Wessing, 1993
Fragment Uitgeverij, Amsterdam

Cecile van der Harten, Gerard van Westerloo, Sanne Sannes (1937-1967), 1993
Fragment Uitgeverij, Amsterdam

Willem van Kemenade, Pieter Griffioen, China’s Present Past, 1993
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Peter Nijhof, Daria Scagliola, Willem van Zoetendaal, Swimming Pools, 1993
Uitgeverij Duo/Duo, Rotterdam

Marijke Küper, Ida van Zijl, Gerrit Rietveld 1888-1964, 1992
Centraal Museum, Utrecht

J.R.J. van Asperen de Boer et al., Impressionism: Through Clear Eyes. The Movement and Its Precursors, 1992
Boymans van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam

Peter Nijhof, Thijs Wolzak, Willem van Zoetendaal, The Director's Office, 1992
Uitgeverij Duo/Duo, Rotterdam

Wijnanda Deroo, Mirjam de Zeeuw, Wout Berger, The Eternal Moment, 1992
Fragment Uitgeverij, Amsterdam

Anneke Groeneveld, Pieter Hovens, Odagot: Photographs of American Indians (1860-1920), 1992
Fragment Uitgeverij, Amsterdam / Rotterdam Museum of Ethnology

Henk Wijnen, Peter Volkwein, Ben van Duin, Henk Wijnen: Projektionen und Projekte, 1991
Wijnen, Amsterdam

Evelien de Regt, Ed van der Elsken, Once Upon A Time, 1991
Fragment Uitgeverij, Amsterdam

Willem Diepraam, A Picture of Cas Oorthuys, 1991
Fragment Uitgeverij, Amsterdam / Amsterdams Historisch Museum, Amsterdam

Leo Divendal, Victor Levie (eds), The Fourth Wall, 1991
Fragment Uitgeverij, Amsterdam

Maarten Kloos (ed.), Architecture Now, 1991
Architectura & Natura Press, Amsterdam

Martin Bril et al., Martin van Vreden, 1990
Galeria Leyendecker, Santa Cruz de Tenerife / The Living Room, Amsterdam

Jacobus Woudsma, The Royal Tropical Institute: An Amsterdam Landmark, 1990
Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

Flos Wildschut, Thieu Knibbelaar, Mies van der Rohe Award for European Architecture, 1990
Butterworth & Co (Publishers) Ltd, London / V&K Publishing

Peter Nijhof, Freddy Rikken, Willem van Zoetendaal, Crossing Dutch Waters, 1990
Fragment Uitgeverij, Amsterdam

Peter Nijhof, Rien Zilvold, Willem van Zoetendaal, Industrial Monuments, 1989
Fragment Uitgeverij, Amsterdam

Gert Staal, Between Dictate and Design: The Architecture of Office Buildings, 1988
010 Publishers, Amsterdam

J. Bernlef, Erik van den Berg, Ed van der Elsken, Jazz, 1988
Fragment Uitgeverij, Amsterdam

Herman Hoeneveld, Stuart Bennett, Peter Ruting: The Images of Thought, 1988
Uitgeverij Trendboek bv, Maarssenbroek / Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY

Thomas Meyer zu Schlochtern, Herman Hoeneveld, Japan: Photoworks Jean Ruiter, 1988
Foto Publishing Co., Leusden

J.H. Bierenbroodspot-Rudolph et al., Levend / Living Amsterdam, 1987
Stichting Amsterdam Monumentenstad, Amsterdam


Dialogue Vintage Photography Magazine 2023, Focus Publishing, Haarlem

Focus Magazine, Focus Magazine B.V., Haarlem

Foam Magazine, Foam Magazine B.V., Amsterdam

Archis, NAi Publishers, Rotterdam

Unlimited, Souverein Unlimited B.V., Weesp

Items, Uitgeverij BIS, Amsterdam

Museumjournaal (formerly Kunst & Museumjournaal), Stichting Kunstpublicaties, Amsterdam

Dutch Heights, Fiegen, Huese & Partners B.V., Amsterdam

Exhibitions & Events

The Collection Illuminated by Marwan Magroun, 2020
Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

Jacqueline Hassink, Unwired, 2018
Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

Ulay Polaroids, 2016
Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

White, 2013
Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

China-Naarden Wall-to-Wall (Fotofestival Naarden), 2001
Van Zoetendaal Publishers, Amsterdam

Chechnya, 2000
Resistance Museum, Amsterdam

Fotofestival Naarden, 1997
Stichting Fotofestival Naarden, Naarden

Rotterdam Design Prize 1996, 1996
Uitgeverij BIS, Amsterdam

Rotterdam Design Prize 1995+, 1995
Uitgeverij BIS, Amsterdam

Fotofestival Naarden: 13 May - 5 June 1995, 1995
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Holland Festival Magazine 1995, 1995
BV Weekblad Pers, Amsterdam / Vrij Nederland, Amsterdam

Holland Festival Magazine 1994, 1994
BV Weekblad Pers, Amsterdam / Vrij Nederland, Amsterdam

Fotofestival Naarden: 15 mei t-m 6 juni ‘93, 1993
Focus Publishing B.V., Amsterdam

Holland Festival Magazine 1993, 1993
BV Weekblad Pers, Amsterdam / Vrij Nederland, Amsterdam

The European Fine Art Fair: Handbook 1993, 1993
European Fine Art Foundation, Maastricht

Holland Festival Magazine 1992, 1992
BV Weekblad Pers, Amsterdam / Vrij Nederland, Amsterdam

The European Fine Art Fair Handbook 1992, 1992
European Fine Art Foundation, Maastricht

The European Fine Art Fair Handbook 1991, 1991
European Fine Art Foundation, Maastricht

Holland Dance Festival 1991, 1991
HP/De Tijd, Amsterdam

International Puppet Theatre Festival 1990, 1990
Stichting voor Bijzondere Kunstmanifestaties, Amsterdam

Foto'89: 3e Internationale Foto-manifestatie in Amsterdam: de Nieuwe Kerk en vele andere lokaties, 1989
SDU Uitgeverij, The Hague

Marc Visser et al., Jury Report of the Europan-Nederland Competition, 1989
Stichting Research Instituut Gebouwde Omgeving, Amsterdam

Marc Visser et al., European Programme for a New Architecture: Results of the First European Competition in the Netherlands, 1989
Stichting Research Instituut Gebouwde Omgeving, Amsterdam


Jaap Ringnalda, Michel Hoekstra,, 2021
Jaap Ringnalda, Amsterdam

Christel Dercks, Hospital questionnaire, 2021
Elisabeth-Twee Steden Ziekenhuis, Tilburg

Philip Mechanicus, Diary 2000, 1999
Randstad Diensten Groep, Diemen

Frits van Dongen et al., Hoogbouw Nieuwsbrief 26,, 1995
Stichting Hoogbouw, Amsterdam

The Dutch Company that Keeps Money Moving, 1992
BankGiroCentrale bv, Amsterdam

Sije van den Bosch, Changing with Care, 1991
Directorate General for Information, Documentation and Library Services, Netherlands Ministry of Welfare, Health and Cultural Affairs, Rijswijk


Jerzy Gawronski, Peter Kranendonk, Harold Strak,, 2018
Amsterdam City Council

Stans Lutz, Handkerchief, 2012
Published by the artist and author, Amsterdam

Olaf Klijn, About Henri Cassiers, 2012
Published on-line by the author on

Joshua Rozenman, Under Cover, 1994
Published by the artist and author, Amsterdam

Fortuyn O’Brien, Arno Vriends, Proposal Public Space Slaughterhouse Area The Hague, 1994
Stroom hchk, Amsterdam / The Hague

Maria I.T. van der Leeuw, Why We Are Here on Earth: The Choice between Remaining a Daughter or Becoming a Son, 1989
Unpublished thesis